Kerafed Coconut Complex

Regional Bliss Bases: Kollam - Gateway to the Backwaters

KeraFed’s regional hub in Kollam serves as a pivotal link in the supply chain, ensuring seamless distribution of the premium “KERA” coconut oil. Nestled in the enchanting landscapes surrounded by coconut palms and backwaters, this center plays a crucial role in connecting with coconut growers and consumers.

Manned by a skilled workforce, it upholds KeraFed’s stringent quality standards, maintaining excellence from copra procurement to the final product. Kollam stands as a beacon of KeraFed’s dedication, offering a taste of Kerala’s rich coconut heritage to consumers worldwide.

Shri. Akshay Kumar C.V.

Plant Manager - i/c
Mob: 7907189105


Mannankavu, Naduvannur, Quilandy(via),
Kozhikode Dist, Kerala.
Pin - 673 614.


Ph : 0496 - 2653775, 2653675
Fax: 0496 - 2653575