Green Coconut Precurement

In Kerala, the lush greenery and fertile lands are not just a backdrop but a lifeline for thousands of farmers whose livelihoods depend on agriculture. Among the various crops that thrive in this southern Indian state, coconuts hold a special place. Known as the land of coconuts, Kerala boasts a significant coconut farming sector that contributes substantially to its economy. Kerala Kera Karshaka Sahakarana Federation, commonly known as Kerafed, plays a pivotal role in supporting coconut farmers across the state. One of its key initiatives is the procurement of green coconuts directly from farmers. This initiative not only ensures a fair price for farmers but also stabilizes the market for this essential agricultural commodity. Green coconuts are harvested before they fully mature and turn into the familiar brown-husked variety. They are prized for their refreshing water and soft, jelly-like flesh, which makes them a popular choice for consumers seeking hydration and nutrition. During the procurement process, Kerafed reaches out to farmers in various regions of Kerala, including remote and rural areas where coconut farming is a primary source of income. By providing a reliable market and fair prices for green coconuts, Kerafed enables farmers to earn a sustainable income throughout the year.
The initiative by Kerafed is particularly crucial during times of economic uncertainty or natural calamities, such as the monsoon season, which can affect traditional markets and prices. By purchasing green coconuts directly from farmers, Kerafed helps in stabilizing incomes and ensuring that farmers continue to receive a fair return for their labor and investment. Moreover, Kerafed’s procurement process emphasizes quality control and fair trade practices, ensuring that consumers receive fresh and high-quality green coconuts while farmers benefit from a transparent and supportive market environment.